Instant Pretty Lashes, Silk Pillowcase

Instant Pretty Lashes, Silk Pillowcase


Say good bye to messy hair and dehydrated skin as this Handmade Silk Pillowcase will work wonders for your hair, lashes, and skin with its natural Proteins and Amnio acids. 

  • Pillowcases are Handmade in the USA 
  • 100% Black Charmeuse Silk 
  • 19.5 momme
  • Standard Size 

Hair / Hair Extensions : Keeps hair hydrated, smooth, with less frizz

Lashes / Lash Extensions : Lashes glide on the pillow, less lash loss and better retention

Skin : locks in Moisture, keeps skin looking youthful & fights breakouts 

Allergies : Sleeping on Silk is amazing for people with allergies as dust mites can't live on Silk

*Sleeping on Silk will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter*



  • Wash on a cold delicate cycle
  • Lay flat to dry 
  • Use a wash bag 


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